Back to the helm…

So, its back to the platform for us tomorrow after an unexpected (but welcomed) respite. All I can say is that I feel up for it. We’ve having our Commitment Sunday tomorrow (even if it is a week early…I think). The theme is ‘Broken for you’ based on the woman breaking the alabaster jar and linking that up with ‘treasure in jars of clay’ and Gideon’s Army breaking jars before defeating the Midianites. I won’t give away too much, because I know at lease on soldier who will probably be reading this before the meeting tomorrow morning! I’m hoping to record it, so hopefully my good friend, the soon-to-be-dad Captain Christ Hinton will ease me gently into the world of podcasting!’

On another note, was just getting to grips with the whole ‘WWW – while women weep’ theme that has been designed for this years 100th anniversary of the Home Leage/ Women’s Ministries. Now, far be it from me to decry the Home League publically, but in this country, the home league has degenerated in to an old ladies group. Now thats good for the old ladies, but I’m concerned that there isn’t much of a ‘cutting edge’ ministry you younger women, especially the young women that the church aren’t that good at reaching…like my mother for example. I’d love to see a church reach my mother…if it did it would be a special kinda church! You’d need something rough ready and real, like a primitive Army or something ;o)
Come on women of the church, rise up and take the field for Jesus!

Equally worrying, if not more alarming, is the lack of ministry to men. I mean, if you are a bandsman you could say there is something for you in the Army, but if you’re not, your scuppered. And as for outreach…gaping hole. Christian men need to get together I believe. I’ve yet to tackle this at Pill but I do feel a curry night coming on…!

Anyway…managed to drop a plate of sardines on toast down my shirt, so, seeing as I smell decidedly fishy, I’m off for a bath you’ll be glad to know!

yours, smelling of fish


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