Saw this and loved it! Every ‘Back to Jerusalem’ (the organisation for which Brother Yun works) missionary receives training in several main subjects.

These include:
1.) How to suffer and die for the Lord. We examine what the Bible says about suffering, and look at how the Lord’s people have laid down their lives for the advance of the Gospel throughout history.

2.) How to witness for the Lord. We teach how to witness for the Lord under any circumstance, on trains or buses, or even in the back of a police van on our way to the execution ground.

3.) How to escape for the Lord. We know that sometimes it is the Lord who sends us to prison to witness for Him, but we also believe the devil sometimes wants us to go to prison to stop the ministry God has called us to do. We teach the missionaries special skills such as how to free themselves from handcuffs, and how to jump from second-storey windows without injuring themselves.

When I was at training college I was taught how to plan and lead a Home League meeting, understand corps books (well, they failed in that), pick a tune to go with a song from the songbook, how to arrange a music festival and transfer a soldier from one corps to the other.

I suppose there would have been days when those would have been necessary elements of training for Salvation Army officers. Not any more, certainly not in the UK. However, there will be a day when the true nerve of the wishy-washy 21st century Christian will be tested. I doubt that there will be many who will stand.

On that second point, I’d say I’ve had a jolly fair go at trying to train my soldiers in this. Admittedly, we haven’t got to the session on ‘witnessing on the way to your execution. Thankfully, a few have picked up the baton…but I do mean a ‘few.’ Well, one in particular is more active than others in sharing the gospel.

In the world today, we have brothers and sisters who are murdered for their faith. This is a living reality of the cost of being Christian for so many of our comrades, Salvationists included. It is yet another blow to our comfortable and shameful approach to mission and evangelism here in the West. Certainly, our Christian Unions in Universities may be receiving a bit of prejudice or religious boggotry, but there are no evangelicals swinging from the university gates.

This isn’t about ‘O Lord, send us some persecution.’ This is about. ‘O Lord, move us and inspire us to make the most of our opportunites whilst we have this glorious freedom.’

Forbid that we will sit on our backsides any longer.

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