Yesterday’s War

Monday should be my day off really. I am always really drained on a Monday, especially more so depending on what Sunday has been like. But we try to corner off Saturday so we have a day altogether as a family.

Yesterday the battle was intesting. Tracy preached in the morning. As I often do, I don’t prepare a Sunday evening until Sunday afternoon. The main reason for this is that our evening meetings constitue a higher proportion of worship and prayer than message, so the message isn’t the main part…plus, the Lord is usually spot on with providing the word for the Sunday evening.

So, on the way home in the car the Lord confirms his plans for the evening meeting. I say ‘yes Lord.’ Then Tracy says ‘I have migraine coming on.’ I say to myself, ‘interesting.’ Needless to say Tracy’s migraine progresses quite badly to the point of being sick. I send her to bed and begin to prepare the message on….’taking back ground from the enemy!’

By this point I’m aware that my wife is sick because of my sermon topic. The Lord leads me to leave Tracy to work it out on her own. I go to the meeting, explain Tracy is sick and that isn’t a surprise because I’m preaching about the schemes of the enemy and announce that we’ll be engaging in some corporate repentance.

Meanwhile, Tracy is back home and the Lord reveals to her the source of her migraine as she is reading my message on the computer. He instructs her to raise her hand and the migraine dissappears.

Back at the hall, after the good and significant meeting, someone asks me to tell Tracy she hopes she will be better soon. I say to them: Tracy will be fine now…the meeting is over and the Lord will have taken the migraine away.

I get home, the migraine has gone, Tracy is now more advanced in the school of warfare, the corps have released some heavy duty sin to the blood of Jesus and rejoicing in a few more degrees of freedom today, and the enemy is pushed back a little further.

Thats the news from this front today. This evening is corps council – hallelujah!

One thought on “Yesterday’s War

  1. Brother Andrew & Sister Tracy and kids,Thanks for the swift posting of Agressive Christianity – much appreciated.Please put me on your list for your own book to follow.Much appreciated too – every blessing in the name of the Lord,Prayers, Matthew & Debbie

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