Holiness Teachers

So, we’re planning a holiness weekend at Pill in October. Problem is, Commissioner Howe, who I was hoping would come and lead it can’t make it.

Sad thing is, other than the nearly-Captain Andrew Bale who will be taking up his new appointment in August, I can’t for the life of me think of an officer in the UK who could lead a good weekend on classic Salvationist holiness.

Anyone got any ideas?


3 thoughts on “Holiness Teachers

  1. Hi Andrew. Anyone from the SA Brengle Team would probably be up for it if free. Was on the lay brengle weekend up here in Scotland and was very impressed with the way they presented the information to us. It wasn’t just going over texts for the sake of it – these people believed it to be true. Team headed up by Mel Jones but he’ll probably be really busy! Major Chris Baker was really good – enjoyed his sessions. Guess too that if none of the brengle team is free, they will be able to give you more clues! Look forward to reading more about this weekend.blessingsDan

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