What do we tell our children?

I intend carefully to instruct my children that if at any time they see The Salvation Army a wealthy, respectable concern, the majority of whose “soldiers” simply go where they please to attend its’ “ministrations,” leaving the godless undisturbed to perish; and if they see another set of people, however they may be clothed or despised, who really give up all to go and save the lost, then they must not for a moment hesitate to leave the concern their poor old dad helped to make, and go out amongst those who most faithfully carry out what the founder of the Army laid down in his writings and acts, may God preserve them from such a day by keeping the Army free from the love of money and ease – George Scott Railton, An Autobiography, Full Salvation, Jan. 1, 1894.

This quote gives me a lot of heartache. It contains a sentiment I struggle with personally every day. Now hear this, I’ve not given up on the Army at all…I believe their can be change and I don’t reckon I’ll ever leave the Army. I’d hate the day to come when I have to say that to my children. But then, if we’re honest, the day when we need to be saying that to our children is probably now…apart from the fact that I know that we can change if we are brave.

I don’t care whether or not the thing called The Salvation Army dissappears or not, but I definetely don’t think it is right for the spirit of Salvationism to dissappear, because at its heart of it is a raw, aggressive, passionate expression of the Christian faith which is so invigorating and inspirational. The sad thing is that many of our children (certianlyin the UK) have never been exposed to it.

I thank the Lord for the youth revolution in Canada, inspired by the War College etc, and, to an extent I’m thankful for the Neo stuff going on in the UK, but I really call out to God for his new day for us. I’m desperate for God’s new day. I also know that the kind of leadership that needs to be given by officers for that new day to come around is painful leadership.

I can’t really draw any conclusions from these thoughts, just to say that, after so many experiences in this past week, I’m desperate for God’s new day for us.


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