The challenge that presents itself to any officer moving in these days when we get to know months in advance that we are moving and months in advance where we are going is the challenge of what to do with the remainder of the time! We’ve got about 4 months in all left at Pill and there is SOOOOOOOOO much that I’d still love to do and see.

I’m being fairly successful in putting Wick to the back of my mind, so much so that it doesn’t seem possible that we will be moving there soon! I’m just so aware of the little time we have and I either slow down in these four months or we go with a bang! The corps might prefer slow down…but I’ve never been a slow down kinda guy when it comes to mission. There is also the issue of ‘has everything been dealt with as much as it possible can…is there anything hanging still?’

Its a challange to a corps too. I can see corps people starting to slow down momentum…I think its one of the downsides of having an Army which is still very much driven by officer leadership instead of local leadership. Having said that, our wards are going great guns…we just need to see mission activity beginning to spring out of them.

Still…we have corps council tomorrow…we’ll see what we can dream up for the next few months! In spite of the difficulties of the winter for the corps and for us personally, I’d love to see us really flourish in enthusiasm, worship, and to have a real sense of joy and thanksgiving for the coming closure of this chapter of corps history. What a better way to celebrate it than in the soul winning? The Lord is inviting us to look up from our recent circumstance and see him n all his glory, to pray, to make heaven on earth and be about our Master’s business.

I’ve been like the Joshua over these last years. We’ve come so far, we’re just landing on the other side. I don’t want to finish off remembering the difficulties we faced crossing the Jordan, we want to rejoice in the new land God has given us!

Lord give us you heart, your passion, your motivation, your love, your holiness, your grace, your victory and help us live on your promise!

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