Easter Outreach Idea

I came across a really creative idea tonight over at Lifewords. The link isn’t to Lifewords, but to the linked site from there. Lifewords is the new name for the Scripture Gift Mission who do very attractive (and free) scripture booklets and small tracts.

Anyway, the community Easter meditation idea is fabulous. The link takes you to a page with eight posters with eight thoughts, meditations and scripture readings. The idea is that you put these onto a hard backing, laminate them, and display them in eight seperate people’s gardens (with their permission, of course).

You then prepare a leaflet telling people about the project, the location of the boards, and see if you can get your community going on a little devotional walk! They suggest you display them for the three days of Easter (Fri – Sun).

I’ve discovered this a little late perhaps to do it here in Pill, although we might do something with it….I’ll think about it! Its probably too late for you to do anything with it too, but hey, you’ll have something for next year already!

– you could try using shop windows instead of gardens…the only downside is if shops have shutters.
– if you have eight churches in your community, you could try a church for each sign.
– if you have a large front garden area, stick them all in there at once, encourage people to come and walk around.
– do duplicates and make sure you have a replacement if one goes missing

If you give it a try, let me know how you get on. If I can think of a way to do it, I’ll post about it.


Andrew C

2 thoughts on “Easter Outreach Idea

  1. What about putting one a day, in the Corps Garden … starting Palm Sunday and finishing Easter Sunday ….. you are right though you’ll need quite a few spares. They are very thought provoking posters tho’Petros

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