Roots Report

Unlike last year, I don’t have several reports! As I feared, there were several ways in which it didn’t connect. Don’t get me wrong, the theme, ‘Others’ is one that I am passionate about..but Roots just didn’t meet me this year. Maybe it just didn’t go far enough for me, maybe it was helpful to others, as I prayed it would. Living and praying in hope for next year: ‘Roots 2008 – Going Public’

On the pastoral team, it was good to catch up with a young man I prayed with last year who at this years Roots took the step forward to sign up for soldiership…hallelujah!

The things that really bugged me are things I can’t blog on so you’ll just have to be content with silence :o)

I did, however, buy a new book called ’10 on the Army’ by Major Geoff Ryan. Another collection of essays from this writer who continually challenges me. I don’t always agree with some of Geoff’s conclusions, however, I do totally appreciate his heart and why he says the things he says. I’d challenge any Salvationist (again) to read his stuff and NOT be stirred!

One thought on “Roots Report

  1. Hi Andrew – good to catch up with you at Roots. I’d be interested to know what “bugged” you – feel free to drop me a line (in confidence, of course). There were a few things that I could do with chatting through as well, so if you’re up for that please do get in touch.

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