Army Renewal Friends

Hi everyone. I am interested to find out where bloggers are reading from. There are usually about 150 visits a day at Army Renewal. I have a stats programme on this blog which tells me a lot about visitors: rough location, length of visit, number of visits for each visitor, key search words that have led people here and all sorts of other stuff but it would be interesting to hear a bit about you.

Consider leaving the following info:

Rank/Appointment(if applicable):
Why you keep coming back to Army Renewal:

Bless you all and thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Army Renewal Friends

  1. Name: Chris HintonCity/Country: Glenrothes, ScotlandCorps: GlenrothesRank/Appointment(if applicable): Captain – CO Glenrothes CorpsWhy you keep coming back to Army Renewal: Because I know you, and I’m interested in reading what you have to say.

  2. Name: Daniel RousCity/Country: Glenrothes, ScotlandRank/: CandidateWhy I keep coming back: Found you through Chris and am always keen to hear from others who value the original values of Holines and Salvation.Blessings to you too Andrew.

  3. Name: Howard BurrCity/Country: Nanuet, New York, USACorps: Spring Valley, New York, USARank/Appointment: Lt.Col.;Territorial Ambassador for EvangelismWhy you keep coming back to Army Renewal:You are in my Google Reader, so I get all your postings. You stay in my reader because you always bless me!

  4. Name: Adam “Lurch Kimded” HowieCity: Edinburgh, ScotlandCorps: Gorgie, technicallyRank/Appointment: Mercenary 🙂 (couldn’t resist)…. n/aWhy: For despite what makes us different there is more that unites… that and I need something to get me annoyed every so often 🙂

  5. Name: Graeme SmithCity/Country: Riga, LatviaCorps: Riga 1Rank/Appointment: Soldier (soon to be Envoy)/Project Development Secretary Latvia RegionWhy I keep coming back: Whilst we may articulate things from different angles we agree on a lot. Its great to have the discussions!

  6. Name: Ann JonesCity/Country: Bristol (Pill), EnglandRank: Soldier (ASM, Ward Sergeant!)Why I keep coming back to Army Renewal: Basically it provokes my thinking…. it provides teaching…. I can link others’ blogs that do the same! and….. it will be a good way of keeping in some sort of contact when you and yours are in Scotland! God bless!

  7. Name: johnny LairdCity/Country: Croydon, UKCorps: Croydon CitadelRank/Appointment(if applicable):CSMWhy you keep coming back to Army Renewal: Just interested to see what other Sally bloggers have to say – and usually you have something to say that makes me think! ;-)Peace & BlessingsJ

  8. Name: Jo BrookshawCity/Country: Melbourne, AustraliaCorps: I’m Corpsless! :o( my home corps is WerribeeRank/Appointment(if applicable): Cadet (1st year)Why you keep coming back to Army Renewal: I like to listen to boat-rockers (I think we all know change is in the wind for TSA), to catch some passion for the lost, to hear a familiar prophetic voice (there’s a bunch of ppl with a similar passion), plus I’m on your links list – so I have to appreciate that!

  9. Name: Rob ReardonCity/Country: Seattle, WA USACorps: Northwest DHQRank/Appointment(if applicable): CaptainWhy you keep coming back to Army Renewal: Your posts are encouraging and challenging. I like to see what’s being said throughout the Army.

  10. Hey – I’m from Canada, trying to win the world for Jesus, and I keep coming back to the blog because you update it; it is real; it is Army; you can be funny.:-)grace,StephenC

  11. Name:Mark AndersonCity/Country: cambridgshire englandCorps: willinghamRank/Appointment candidate i keep reading to see what issues are affecting the officers of this country. to read what are the hot potatoes that you all have to handle.

  12. Name: Evelyn ClarkCity/Country: Tallinn, EstoniaCorps: KopliRank/Appointment(if applicable): Captain, Corps OfficerWhy you keep coming back to Army Renewal: “as iron sharpens iron”

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