Grace and love like mighty rivers…..

I really don’t know where to start with last week. I was up in Scotland marrying my sister! (to someone else!)

The wedding went really well. My wee sister looked gorgeous and she seemed really happy with her big day. Everyone was appreciative of the ceremony and there were plenty of good conversations afterwards about the gospel…everything from explaining the symbolism of the crest to discussions about broken marriages. I mentioned in the message that marriage was ‘always’ – which provoked a lot of reaction in a community and culture where marriage is only for a season.

I managed to get all my family into their taxis at the end of the evening reception without killing each other, so that was an achievement although I did have to find out where they all lived first because they’ve all got themselves divorced and live ‘in sin’ with new partners….including partners of the same sex! To see them all in the same room was, um, interesting! But I managed to keep the peace and make my sisters day special!

Anyway, a couple of days before the wedding, we went to visit a good friend, my son’s godmother, Kirsten. I had asked her in an email to fill me in on the spiritual temperature of Scotland in view of our impending return. What she told me was pretty amazing.

Firstly, she told me that there were several prophecies around about revival/renewal spreading from the north. Much of the prophetic voices are hearing this and praying it in. So, you can imagine how amazed I was to hear this when last November after our visit to Lewis, God gave me the exact same word! To find that this is the same word that is going round Scotland was amazing because I’d never heard of such a thing! Should we be amazed that God is saying the same thing?!? No, of course not. More especially, my appointment to one of the most northerly corps in the territory is not coincidental!

I recently discovered that the Army in Wick was heavily involved in the 1921 revival in North Scotland and that one of the converts of the Army in Wick went on to stablish one of the most sucessful evangelistic mission in Glasgow during the 20th century, the Tent Mission Hall.

Secondly, even more amazingly, there seems to be many prophecies floating around about….rivers. Revival is prophesied to flow like a river from the north to the south.

As Kirsten is telling me this, I’m sitting amazed and shocked at the similarities between what she is saying and all that God has been planting in my heart in these days. I’m amazed when I remember my new corps building, symbolically placed on a very northern river! Lord, let your River flow!

Again, I was reminded of how much Scotland needs the gospel. I was reminded how much the church in Scotland (and the Army) needs renewal and I was reminded again of the privilege of being called ‘For such a time as this.’

Bring it on Lord! Meanwhile, the battle continues on the Pill front…as well as the packing!!

2 thoughts on “Grace and love like mighty rivers…..

  1. revival!!!! i love revival! Cant wait to see it! i love it how God speaks, im reminded of doing what Gods doing and not doing something then asking God to do what i want. does that make sense?also, im starting up a forum to discuss holiness, dont know if many will join or anything but check it out at my blog…

  2. I too am constantly amazed by the the way God says the same things to different people. After all the times its happened you’d think I’d got used to it by now!I pray that God will bless you in your ministry at Wick and that through you and your new corps some of that revival will head south!

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