Scots Wha Hae

I was looking at the website for the Scottish Parliament and happened to notice that you could view the website in several languages. English and Gaelic of course, Urdu, French and the usual suspects….but what a smile came upon my fissog (face) when I noticed that they had a rendition of the website in my natural tongue..Scots (although its not Ayrshire Scots, but there you go!)

Here is a little taster:

Wha are the MSPs an whit can they dae for me?

MSPs are Members o the Scottish Pairlament. They mak laws an decisions on devolvit

Ivery 4 year elections til the Scottish Pairlament is hauden. In the election fowk in
Scotland vote for candidates an the candidates that wins become MSPs.

There are 129 MSPs, made up o 73 constituency MSPs an 56 regional MSPs. Ye are representit by 1 constituency MSP an 7 regional MSPs.

Yer MSPs need tae ken whit maitters tae ye tae help the Scottish Pairlament wark for
ye, suppose ye didna vote for them.

Gin ye contack an MSP anent something that concerns ye they micht:

* speak in a debate on a maitter ye hae raised
* introduce a Bill tae chynge the law
* lodge a motion for debate in the Pairlament
* speir the Scottish Executive anent a maitter ye hae raised
* lodge an amendment tae a Bill
* refer ye til anither bodie or organisation
* advise ye that nae faurer action can be taen

Ye can tryst tae meet yer MSPs at the Pairlament, in their local office or throu their regular
surgeries in yer local area.

Tae find oot wha yer MSPs are an hoo tae contack them, ye can luik on the Scottish
Pairlament wabsite, speir at yer local Pairtner Library or contack the Public Information
Service (details is on the hinderend o this leaflet).

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