The Wick Salvation Army/Baptist Revival 1921

Finally got sorted out with broadband at home and good to be feeling connected with the world again! Been having to take trips to the library to check emails etc, so glad thats all over.

Did I mention that the last mainland revival in Britain took place at Wick Corps? Between the corps and the baptist church, in November 1921, over a thousand souls sought salvation. In my filing cabinet in my office, I have what is called a ‘Seekers Register’ from that time. That is basically a record of people who have come forward in a Salvation Army meeting to seek salvation, to rededicate themselves and to seek after holiness. The book is split up into people who appear on Salvation Army rolls and those who dont.

Now, from the middle of November 1921 to the beginning February 1922, there are just over 400 names of people seeking salvation who have no formal connection with the Army. In the space of two or three months, 400 people seeking salvation. In addition, you can add around 40 – 50 backslidden soldiers who came back to the Lord. Add to that those who knelt in rededication and who were gloriously renewed.

First hand stories I’ve heard so far include recollections of people lining the Mercy Seat 10 rows deep and people having to come back later when it was empty.

And all that is just at the Salvation Army.

Today, Wick Corps is comprised of a dedicated band of holy, godly people who are desperate for the Lord to move again. Many of them are senior in years, but we have a vital evangelistic youth and children’s work which has been planting the seed of the gospel into nearly 180 every week for the last 15 years.

The time has come for the harvest, the north wind is blowing. Oh Lord help us! Join your prayer to mine for the Harvest in Wick. The Lord can do it again!

2 thoughts on “The Wick Salvation Army/Baptist Revival 1921

  1. Hi my name is Jessie. I read your postsing often, just never stoped by for a coment. Your seekers register sounds like an amazing book of history and vision. What a tremendous response to the all-merciful holy love of God. How encouraging and empowering to know the physical details of such a profound work of hte Holy Spirit, and to be able to read those names, hear those circumstances – it wasn’t fiction.I am praying for your congregation this week, for the holy tenderness of heart to reach out in courage and strength and feel God getting more and more of them.Your words are an inspiration today…thank you!

  2. Oh good grief, the typos – I didn’t intend to send until I checked by my youngest son, who is so eager to help just submitted for me. Thanks so much, sticky fingers.Sorry again for so many misssssspellings.

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