My weekly pub-crawl

Just in case you’re wondering, no, I haven’t backslidden!

Each Saturday night at 10pm, when your average Corps Officer is putting up his feet, watching telly, tinkering with his/her sermon, or attending a nice festival, Wick Corps prefers their corps officers to be in the pub.

Each week I set off with my ‘trusty’ War Crys, uniform and tin and invade the various interesting institutions in town. What can I say? I love it. The opportunities to speak with the not-yet-saved, the opportunities to witness and to speak to those who don’t know Jesus about the gospel are great.

I’ve also gathered a short list of backslidden soldiers and junior soldiers who can be found in such a place on a Saturday night…surely first on the list!

Last night I was met by a very aggressive man, spouting all sorts of abuse about the hypocrisy of The Salvation Army etc etc…was interesting for a while, but it all ended in my box being blessed with a £10 note and me having a new best friend! A soft answer turns away wrath, says the writer of the Proverb!

Anyway, tell your officer you want to go to the pub..invite him/her to come too. The light belongs in the darkness.

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