Just another blessed SonDay…can’t wait ’til Monday

Another great SonDay in Wick. Its a blessing to have people so especially responsive to the word, you can feel it round the hall and God is doing his work. Its a blessing to feel the atmosphere change as God moves around doing his business. I’ve no idea what he is doing the vast majority of the time, but then that is his business!

Today Jesus visited us in the form of a very drunk man who had been in the wars the last couple of days and wasn’t up to his best. He was treated with love and respect which was good, in spite of the fact that to many of our folks he would have been quite intimidating. We affirmed together afterwards that he was just as welcome in our place of worship as we were and we prayed for him as one of my retired Colonels spoke with him in the other room.

Meanwhile, the Lord continues to speak and this time he has given me a very direct practical ‘vision’ of another ministry to approach. Details to follow.

Also, God is still speaking about harvest to me. He corrected some of my thinking in pointing out that its not necessarily the fact that we need more workers, its just that the workers are in the wrong place. That is, they are in the barn expecting the lord to blow the wheat in when actually God wants them in the field. He who has EARS let him here (boom boom!!).

PS Robert Doull, if you’re reading send me your email address to andrew.clark@salvationarmy.org.uk Blessings to you brother.

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