Yup…still blogging

So, I’ve been at officers councils and been on furlough etc etc…slight pause in he blogging process there! Apologies.

The last months have been a time of ‘intelligence’ gathering. Getting into the community, finding out whats going on, getting the gist of the people and their ways. Our first key development takes place this week.

We’re making a move to begin moving some of the children from our 200 strong kids club into the life of the corps through music and we’re hoping to have a good night on Thursday evening. We’re starting a little music group…teach the kids about the Lord through music. Tried and tested method…we’ll see how it goes. Please pray for the Kids Alive Choir.

I other news, I’ve had a spiritual birthday. I’ve been a Christian for 12 years. Not as long as some of the readers out there, but a testimony to the keeping power of God of someone many thought would run away. They’ve all been deceived, I’m in the fight today (I can hear you humming the tune!) Its always a good principle to take stock of your fruitfulness as a Christian. The only conclusion I can make is that we must work to get more people saved. And, before you say ‘its God that saves’, let me agree with you but he does chose us to be his co-workers, preaching the message faithfully.

We’ve had a few re-dedications at Wick, a few witnessing to sanctification, but not salvations that I know of yet. However, we have had some new people started attending worship, one from my pub round. So we praise God and move forward in hope.

Over and out.

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