Gospel, gospel, gospel

Friday…tonight we will have about 140 children attending our children’s programme and I’m puzzling more and more about how to impact these children for the gospel. I’m also speaking tonight to about 40-50 teenagers at another church’s youth outreach…which is another great opportunity to share the gospel.

One of these days, some people are going to get saved! In faithfulness, we preach the gospel with clarity to anyone who will listen in the hope that at least one gets saved but oh Lord we want more. Imagine what a couple of handfuls of newly saved Christians could do for a corps?

Its been about 10 years since anyone got saved in this corps. I thank God and remember two or three firm decisions for Jesus at Pill although they were already linked to the corps.

Lord, for our inheritance, give us the lost….send the fire!

One thought on “Gospel, gospel, gospel

  1. Hi Andrew.We have around 50 come to our 3-12yrs club and about 30 to the High School age Youth Club. Numbers aren’t the issue i’m getting to here though. The whole staff team strive each week to ‘be Jesus’ to these young people. The younger club have a Bible story and the Youth Club get a ‘God-Spot’. Then 8 of our young people went to Summer School and came back really fired up for God. We could sit back and be a bit miffed that they seemingly got saved while out of our direct care. But it is only because of the tireless effort put in by the whole team over a long period of time that they have come to this point. 3 of them will be made junior soldiers tomorrow morning (please pray for them and the Corps for protection tomorrow and in the time ahead). 5 of them (including the 3 new junior soldiers) have become a worship group who will play tomorrow too and also at the New Year divisional meetings. You don’t need someone like me to tell you that the timing of God is not ours to know. But I believe God will use your faithfulness in the fullness of time. Yes Lord, Send the Fire…in Wick…in Glenrothes…and all over this land.

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