New Projects

Haven’t been feeling at all well the last couple of days…thats the main reason for some of the changes to this blog…I haven’t been out much, been staying in to try and recover from this cold as quickly as I can and get back to functioning fully. Its meant I’ve missed loads of my fav things this week….kids club, pubs, Sunday worship…you name it, I’ve missed it.

Anyway, I’ve also been working on a new online project, which will be announced in due course! Watch this spot! I want to commit some time to creating and maintaining a space with some concise teaching/propaganda about the key themes of the Army Renewal Blog, otherwise known as Primitive Salvationism. I suppose by way of having something clear cut to point people to.

The primitive salvationist stuff out there is all great (,, etc) but you have to do a lot of wading to get a ‘gist’ of what the heart of it is. I’m passionate about the Army being the Army…and by that I mean reliant on the Spirit, missing driven and speaking out in society. That is PS…its also the heart of armyrenewal blog. As Captain Stephen Court says “Primitive Salvationism is charis-flavoured, mission-focussed heroism!” The new project expands on that and will be a sort of beginners guide. I’m also aware of our UK context and want to try to speak to that in some way

As I say, I’ll let you know when its ready. I’m in no way a professional web designer, but can do some basics with some help from some friends.

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