Christmas has well and truly arrived for us here at Wick. Out band kicked off their carolling on Saturday as we played carols for community singing at the switching on our our town’s festive lights. In spite of the howling gale, freezing temperature and pouring rain, blowing away at Hark the Herald reminds me of one of the great things about being The Salvation Army at this time of the year – we’ve got a great opportunity and responsibility to keep the ‘salvation songs’ of Christmas out there in peoples minds. As those who know me will know, I am a serial caroller…I’d carol until I drop!

The whole day was a sort of funday thing and I set up my stall with goodies to sell, booklets and tracts to give away and had myself a jolly time all by myself! Such a great opportunity to see and speak to people and for them to see and speak to us. Visibility is an absolute key, not just at Christmas.

Please, make the most of Christmas as a Salvationist….for Jesus’ sake.

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