This new website, an addition to the blog, contains basic elements of Primitive Salvationism and will be a growing resource of ideas and articles.

To browse the site, either click on the link or browe via the new links on this blog page just below the blog banner. You have Home, Charismatic Flavoured, Mission Focussed, Heroism and Community to chose from. You will recognise that the site is based on Stephen Court’s definition of Primitive Salvationism “Charismatic flavoured, mission-focussed heroism.”

It is still being built. Please feel free to submit suitable articles that meet with the theme. Bookmark it, link to it, spread the news if you like it. Feel free to leave comments here about how it could be improved or email me.


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  1. Great site there Andrew! Two things leapt out at me, so do you mind if I comment here?Firstly, the article on uniform. One thing that I thought about as I read it was the list of ‘uniforms’ of other churches. Now don’t get me wrong here as I love the uniform. My concern with your argument is that the uniform described by you for other groups is not really a uniform in the way ours is. The way people dress in other churches actually tends to reflect the demographic of the people they are expecting to reach. What does this say about our uniform? Are we really only expecting to reach those who wear uniform? In some places I suspect that is the case as the only growth in many corps for decades has been transfer growth!Secondly, whilst we may have differences in our expression of our faith and salvationism your ‘Hub’ struck such chords in me. I would love to see exactly the sort of corps that you describe there and would be a happy Christian if all our corps were that mission-focused.God bless you with the new site my friend!

  2. I think that SA uniform is increasingly becoming more indigenous as days go on. The more flexible uniform is the better. Sure, you can’t stand at the head of a coffin in a hoodie, but a hoodie is great for youth club. I do disagree that other Christians dress simply for reaching a demographic. The vast majority are basically in their Sunday best, or in the new churches, their every-day gear, or their holy clothes…I don’t think there is much to do with the lost in it whereas we wear uniform to identify ourselves to the lost and make ourselves available to the lost.The over-riding principle is that we are not the only people who wear clothing to identify ourselves, but if we harness the strength of that it is still useful. There is also the extra element of covenant. I recommend Stephen Court’s chapter in New Love by Shaw Clifton….also ‘to be or not to be’ an article by Geoff Ryan in Sowing Dragons on this topic.The idea of alienating people with uniform is largely unfounded. Interestingly, its also the most grumbled about with Salvationists. I can always gaurantee that if I blog of write about uniform, I get more comments about it than about anything else. :o)

  3. Hi Andrew. Looking good 🙂 One thing, though – when I click on heroism I end up at an empty directory listing. Just thought I’d let you know.Chris

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