Give us faith for souls

The Lord has laid on my heart that we should aim for 10 new soldiers and 20 junior soldiers by Christmas 2008. What does this involve? It will involve deeper discipleship and decisions for some of the people on our fringes, it will involve soldiership being portrayed in a different light for some, it will involve, mainly, prayer love and evangelism.

Most people would say, especially in the UK, that numbers don’t matter. My last DC, Cliff Bradbury, used to say that you count what you value. When I say 10 soldiers and 20 junior soliders, what that is interpreted as is ten converted men and women in a covenanted discipleship process and 20 children doing the same.

I have some friends who’d say this aim is too low. I’ve some that say its unobtainable. But yet this is what I feel the Lord is saying. Now, either God is sharing that he knows that 30 will sign up this year or whether he is just trying to help us raise our game, I don’t know but I’m looking forward to the process!

When you break it down, it is one adult becoming a soldier about every 5 weeks, not even one a month on average.

Children, we’re talking about two a month on average. That’s simply 2% of the children who attend our weekly JAM Club. Seems like my faith should be higher when it comes to children!

Like you, I’m not interested in scalp hunting, number crunching, bums-on-seats counting nor money either. However, I’m passionate about people finding and serving Jesus as covenanted warriors in The Salvation Army though.

What souls is God laying on your heart?

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