Tis the season…

Had a good day of meetings. Busy holiness meeting this morning and a packed hall tonight for the carol service. Our new Kids Alive Choir put in a performance and it was good to see mums and dads and grannies etc etc there to support. We were a few kids down, but was great to have them all. Our little Sunday School did a wee bit too, bless em.

I smiled at a little conversation after the meeting: ‘busy tonight Captain, glad its not like this every week.’ Did I say conversation? I think I meant gob-stopper! :o) I think I knew what the person meant…its like I promised our good corps folks like it would be when you have an influx of kids with no real church connections…chaotic! Now, I love chaotic…it seems so very authentic to me to have a messy church. Other folks don’t quite see it like that though I suppose.

A corps needs to be prepared to give and take a lot when expecting new people to turn up. We’ve got some important ground work to cover as a corps to prepare us for new people. This is the challenge any established corps faces. Its a joyful challenge though!

I doubt this will be the last blog before Christmas, but just in case, have a Happy, Jesus-filled Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Tis the season…

  1. Know what you mean about chaotic church – it always seems much more “real” when that happens.We also get a few people saying they’re glad it’s not like that every week, and I guess it’s just down to what people are used to, but I reckon it’s always going to be chaotic even when you get adults who aren’t used to worship.Anyway – hope you guys have a great Christmas! Any snow yet?

  2. oh well – Chris beat me to the comment on this one! :)Totally agree – I’m a great fan of chaotic/messy Church. As Chris said – it tends to be more real in these situations. Yeah, to others it may seem out of control and its not that they’re wrong – its just not their thing or what they’re used to. Having said that – I love a good Salvation Army meeting. But then I guess if we read history properly, then early SA meetings would have fallen into the messy category – with people from all walks of life welcome no matter what and all given equal access to the forgiving power of God.I feel that we need to be more chaotic in 2008 – it seems to be where God is bringing us back to and I am excited to be a part of it.Hope the Clark Christmas was a happy and Peace-filled time. Blessing for 2008 to you.Dan

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