Forward 2008

This week of the year is one I love, I have to say. Its time for me to take stock, review, and pray about the year coming, think about my personal warfare, resolve and set goals for the year to come and generally have an opportunity to stand at the beginning of a year and thank God for what might be accomplished for Him in it. It’s getting into that time now where you start to go from simply observing how a corps runs, what it gets up to, to now starting to steer direction. I’m not a believer in the ‘wait a year before you do anything’ theory because there are people being lost, time is not a luxury.

I’ve already outlined here my vision for more soldiers and junior soldiers. I’d also love to see work increase in the other towns and villages in our corps district…its a vast and under-evangelised stretch of land with several small communities. I’m still praying about the best plan of attack. Helmsdale, Golspie/Brora, Keiss and Lybster are viable communities for work of some form.

I am also hoping to develop local leadership in the corps. We have but two senior local officers in the corps, albeit we have a few good folks doing ‘non-senior’ posts (if you know what I mean). They are all fantastic, but we need more. It will simply be about inviting people to stand forward because there are many people well qualified to lead.

We’re looking forward to the prospect of an Essential team towards the end of next year (pray for a building we can rent to house them) and also the development of our Hub project, utilising an unused building that is part of our little ‘compound.’

We’ve a few ‘in-house’ fellowship details we want to look at too….just about giving people who already attend more opportunity to interact, fellowship and get to know each other better.

All in all, as we do all this as well as do some projects under the Hope 2008 banner, we’re hoping for good fruit! Pray for us, will you?

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