Light in the darkness

We’re exploring a couple of new winter project at the moment.

If I tell you that in Wick we are getting on average only 4 hours of daylight and maybe 3 hours of twilight, you’ll understand why there are many people who suffer from all sorts of depression, including SAD and the regular ‘winter blues.’ Some people are unable to motivate themselves to go out, to meet with people, so debilitating are the conditions for some people.

We’re looking into the possibility of providing people the opportunity to have free access to light boxes, which are usually expensive to buy for yourself. These are devices especially designed to provide the mind/body with the light that it lacks in order to dispel a bit of the darkness people face this time of year.

We’re also becoming aware of the problem of alcoholism in Wick, possibly linked to the last issue, and noting the lack of support for those suffering in this way. We’re exploring a support group for these folks. This will take some exploration as we consider the best way to move forward. We have several people in the corps who are alcoholics now sober and we are sure we can do more.

As we launch our Hope 2008 campaign over these next few weeks in the corps, these projects fit right in.

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