I’ve been tackled

I was doing my usual flick through blogs this morning, beginning at armybamy.com by Captain Stephen Court and Aaron White. I glanced a couple of sentences down to read the news that “Captain Andrew Clark is tackling all kinds of stuff at his blog.” Being the kind of half-brained critter that I am, I thought to myself, “Oh…must go and see what I’m tackling!”

In all honesty, I’m tackling more in my head than what ever appears on the blog. What am I tackling? Missional stuff, the challenge of the appointment, the great opportunity of the appointment, getting people saved and sanctified; personal issues, community issues, cultural issues, raising a family, all of it. We all have it and there are times when it all needs processing.

There will be now a few more Wick readers of the old blog here and its good to have you all on board. If you look back in the archives you’ll see some pretty raw reflections, a few rants and more frustrations as well as some moments of inspiration. The biggest challenge we all face is being real and being true to ourselves and our calling and this pretty much what this blog is about for me.

I invite you to tackle some issues today. Are you close the the Lord? Are you saved? Are you praying, reading the Word? Are you evangelising, sharing you faith? Are you caring for the poor and the forgotten? Are you being the best you can be in your family? Are you keeping covenant (if you’re in it)?

Go tackle that…become a fellow tackler.

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