I have moments like these too….!

Some great thoughts with good clarity from Soldier Anthony Castle (see the blog list, right):

Some days I wake up and it seems real simple…

Soldiership isn’t about us.
Soldiership is about God and His love for the lost.

He doesn’t call us to gather a crowd or fill a building. We’re commanded to evangelise, to disciple the weak, the wicked and the worst.
To see the broken changed and trained.

So why are we waiting for the world to come to Church?
When the Church must go into the world.

We’re not employees or members.
We are this Kingdom’s soldiers, and to the world we must be like aliens and emissaries, magicians and storytellers. Heroes dreaming of another Way, fighting another world into being amidst the cracks of despair in our neighbourhoods.

Throughout the forgotten places, we must be the battle-cry of war, the healing hands of Christ. We must be strangers, neighbours, friends, whispering about an ancient tale, a living Lord and a returning King.

We were made for this.

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