Pub Booming news…

The good news that one of the guys we meet in the pubs regularly on our Saturday nights tours has been attending our Sunday nite Salvation meeting pretty regularly. He’s in his late forties, early fifties perhaps. He probably drinks a little too much and often has alcohol on his breath, but I’ll tell you what…he is starting to feel at home.

He was just telling me (‘Boss’, he calls me) this evening how much he felt welcome and that he wants to be on the straight and narrow. ‘A want tae be back in the fold, boss’ he says. Tonight, he requested a verse and chorus of ‘Will your anchor hold?’ Request granted.

Thank God for another one close to the kingdom.

On other pub booming news, things are getting difficult in some quarters. We’re meeting an increasing amount of aggressive types. God grant us safety, protection and grace.

One thought on “Pub Booming news…

  1. Hi my name is Jessie.Praise God that he is stepping close enough to God to understand how much God wants Him close. It can seem like the longest mile to cover, “Will God even want me?” Everything else can get covered by a fast run when the heart is fully willing to accept the love that has always been waiting for him. Cool to be called “Boss” – quite affectionate and humble.Work at the pub is divine and blessed. Keep your divine appointments there, even amid the aggressive opposition. God’s work shows itself plainly, yet it is not always pretty or easy. I am praying for your ministry today!

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