Aboriginal Apology

I’m sure those of you who are astute have noticed the remarkable apology offered by the Australian Government to the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia. They have finally apologised for years of mistreatment and pretty much total neglect of this peoples needs. Justice rocks.

I’m looking forward to the day when Scotland gets their apology from England for its over 400 years worth of oppression, rape, murder and pillage. The English banned our language, our culture, our societal structure (clan system) and pretty much everything else you can imagine. They encouraged that people be replaced with sheep because they were more profitable. We have entire empty ghost villages up here in this part of Scotland where the highlands were cleared of people and sent abroad to Canada, Australia, the USA.

OK, that was slightly controversial, but what I am hitting at here is the root of prejudice and bitterness that exists in the heart of many Scots. Its a spiritual issue, its an identity issue, its a well-being of the nation issue. Its pretty much the same issue that we’re dealing with in Australia. People wonder why we Scottish have a nationalist government at the present…just take a flick through recent chapters of history and you’ll see…

One thought on “Aboriginal Apology

  1. What horrible explanations of terrible generational autrocities, in both countries. To be replaced by sheep because it was more profitable – shameless and nearly unforgiveable.Some forgiveness can only happen with straight talk, willingness to bend and the Divine presence of forgiveness.

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