2 thoughts on “Freemasonry and Salvationism

  1. Have read this before somewhere. It amazes us that people are so deceived, but then guess we shouldn’t be because satam is very good at it. However God is still greater and the only GOD to whom our knees should bow. We have spoken out on this for many years, and met many Salvationist Freemasons (the two words do not go togeher). Our first appointment had the IHQ of Freemasonary based there and there were a number of SA Officers resident. You could only go in there if you were one!!! It was also a nursing home. It was very demonic and I was overcome by my first visit (being a lovely Lieutenant and not being away of what the place was) – that was my only visit. the power of darkness and demonic opposition was too much. We have been mocked for what we have said and laughed at – but the reality is they will not be laughing on the day they leave this earth!

  2. Utter deception.Freemasonary is ultimately involved in worshipping the devil, albeit with a deceitful cover. You don`t get as high as Mr.Sawyer did without knowing a mystery or two…in the pagan sense.I think that he would write such an article is very revealing.And that the gospel should be an afterthought of the article is all the more revealing.What a shame that Christians can get so duped.

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