The Uni T

Most of you who are avid Armybarmy readers will have noticed the arrival of the Uni-T. Its described as the Army’s first “covenantally accurate and fair-trade informal uniform t-shirt.”

The main idea is that it identifies soldiers and officers….ie, those in covenant as distinct to the multi-plicity of Red Shield wearers these days. You have to be a soldier to wear the soldier’s Ts and an officer to wear the officers Ts.

Stephen Court says:

You know how so many people where various versions of a shield Tshirt that identity gets fuzzy? You don’t know if people are soldiers or friends or clients or customers or donors or… (in other words testimony is shot because some who wear it aren’t even saved; and that means you can’t count on them because they might not be soldiers – it throws the whole thing out the window). These Tshirts are covenantally accurate – they come in Officers and in Soldiers trim.

The also clear up the myth behind the origin of the ‘Ss’ on our tunics…in that the Ts state we’re saved to save.

I like the concept, but not sure I like the style of the end product…not obvious enough for me. Still, I’ve put in my order!

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