High School ministry

We’ve been praying for months for their to be an opening in our local High School. Serving around 1000 pupils, its the only high school in the town. The links so far have been tenuous.

Out of the blue (or as a result of prayer….take your pick) we get a phonecall last week asking if I can come and talk to the first year pupils (age 12-13) in their Easter assembly.

Well…that was today! Just back from it now and it went great. Used a silly scenario about a fight over the last easter egg and what the punishment should be for each offending party in the fight to lead on to talking about justice, the price that Jesus paid and the reason he paid it.

You can’t do much of a gospel appeal in a High School, but I see a lot of these kids in various places outside school.

I thank God for the opportunity to start building that relationship with the school. When Ieft, the headmaster said ‘if there is anything you want to do in the school, just let me know.’

Praise God.

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