Good Friday Witness

A little snippet of our united churches Good Friday walk of witness and open air. The baptist pastor (carrying the cross) and I arranged the event…the first ever to have happened in Caithness apparently! There was a howling gale blowing, as you might be able to tell, but we’re used to that in Caithness.

We had hail and snow before we stepped out of the church to assemble…it was completely dry for the march and the open air service. As I said the ‘Amen’ of the benediction of the open air service, the snow began again. Nice one God!

We have good support from across some very diverse churches in the town. Baptist, Salvationist, Church of Scotland, Free Church, Independant, Episcopal, and maybe even a Roman Catholic or two.

The preacher is the Rev William Wallace (!!!) who is a local Church of Scotland minister.


(PS…check out my skill on the bass drum!)

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