Oops….I forgot to let you know I was on furlough (holiday)…but I’m back now.

We’ve had a good couple of weeks away with plenty of opportunity just to sit back, reflect, think, read, talk, pray, think and read some more, pray again, have a bit more talk…all with the odd ice-cream and latte thrown in for good measure.

I’m back in Wick here this evening, having just rounded of preparation for tomorrows meetings, just trying to piece it all together and…well…make sense of it.

I’ve had the chance to re-visit several places and memories, many of which make up who I am, and where I’ve been and come from. I’ve had chances to affirm who I am, what God is doing, and what God is going to do. We’ve been engaged in corps ministry in various capacities (as assistants and as COs) for coming on 10 years now. Its taken that 10 years to really establish a lot of things and to get to a point of clarity about what God expects of me. The main thing is that God isn’t asking me to be something or someone I’m not…thats probably the most liberating thought anyone could have.

I’ve also been totally bowled over again and what God has accomplished in my mere 12 or so years as a Christian. I spent a week at home with my mum and step-dad. As I slept in the room I used to inhabit, I just marvelled at what God has done in my life. As I walk down streets I used to walk down with my wife and two kids, I’m amazed again. As I revisit places I’ve ministered in, I’m amazed again.

When I think about my own spiritual life, I’m continually amazed with the levels of revelation God just continues to pour out in a variety of ways. You’ll imagine my joy when I hear that my young sister and her husband are expecting a baby. They’d been having problems conceiving (no doubt because of the masonic influences over their life and marriage through her husbands involvement) and I’ve been battling in prayer for her and them. In fact, the last word of prayer I had with the Lord on the matter was the last word because I’d had a sense a couple of weeks ago that he’d answered…and surely, he had. Praise Him! Pray for the safe health and development of the baby.

A while back I asked God to use my dreams to speak to me and he has being doing that to paint some strong messages that are helping in intercession for our situation and appointment at the moment. I mean, some of the stuff he is saying is just overwhelming and so clear.

Yes, God is pretty amazing.

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