Moving swiftly on…

Usually I’d begin blogging at this time of the year with my Roots report.

This year, however, is different! Today, unbelievably, I need to announce to the Armyrenewal readers out there that the Clarks are moving appointment in August of this year. I can’t officially say where until the people we are getting sent to are told officially tomorrow, although many of them know already. My corps here at Wick were informed of our impending departure this evening.

‘Wait a minute’, I hear you say, ‘didn’t you do that last year?’ Well, yes, we did. You won’t have been reading Army Renewal and managed to avoid the idea that there has been somewhat of a personal struggle continuing.

The main thrust of this struggle is that I am passionate about the fact that the Army doesn’t make sense unless its among the poor. Secondly, I’m passionate about the fact that the Army doesn’t make sense unless it has reaching the unsaved as a fundamental priority…yes, even above the priority of coddling saints.

Our commitment to see spiritual renewal come to Scotland and to the Army in Scotland is stronger than ever and we will be staying in the North Scotland Division to part of Scotland that God began to lay on our heart before we even knew we were leaving Pill.

What else can I say? Just let me say that we’re hoping to build a church my mother would come to (see last post!)

Tune in tomorrow for our exact destination and more about it.

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