Back to School!

I have the ‘blessing’ of being able to lead my last two assemblies in Wick today. Schools work has to be the most challenging, terrifying, yet potentially significant part of ministry that I or anyone could undertake. The privilege is in presenting, in the school environment, just something of the life that there is in Jesus and giving the children an experience of learning about God that is (hopefully) positive and something that they will take through their life with them to analyse and contribute to their own decision making process with regards to the gospel.

Its been my hope that what I’ve offered hasn’t served to innoculate the children, as in, give them a little bit of religion that will keep them free from it from life like my school assemblies almost succeeded in doing when I was a boy!

Of all the things I’ve done in officership so far, schools work is the most challenging thing to me personally, but I have to say that I’ve grown to love not just the children, but working with them. And this, not only at schools, but through the kids work here at Wick which we’ll be sorry to be leaving behind.

God bless Wick’s children.

One thought on “Back to School!

  1. I go into a infants school every Thursday morning as a Workplace & Community Chaplain. My role is more to do with the Headteacher and staff. I visit each classroom grab a few minutes conversation, visit other non-classroom based staff. I’ve done this now for two years and find it very challenging but fulfilling. Because the estate is small I see the children at various other activites too, church, rainbows and build links that way too.

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