Plumbed in!

So, we were ‘plumbed in’ at Torry this evening (mornings just don’t happen for the vast majority of people in our community). I was so happy I thought I could burst. If you want to worship with a group of open, honest, maybe even raw kinda salt-of-the-earth types, Torry is the place to come. Stripped away from Torry is all the formality that easily comes with religion…instead, just a community of people coming together to share life and worship God. There is a remarkable warmth and family feel about the place.

It was good to have in the assembled group two young people who were attending worship for the first time. One of those and one other who has attended more regularly, have professed faith in Jesus over the last two weeks and have embarked on their journey as baby disciples! Praise God. The great thing is that there are more young people in Torry that there are ‘mature’ people. Through the wonders of hair dye and just the sheer youthfulness of the majority of the congregation, grey hair doesn’t have a look in at Torry.

We’re still not in our quarters (above the hall) yet and I’m still using dial-up interenet, but just wanted to chip in a snapshot of our installation! Hopefully, but the time we get moved in at the end of this week, our broadband will be all set.

God is good.

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