Army Meetings

This one totally borrowed from Stephen blogging on some takes on Lt-Col Ruchard Munn (principal of the ICO in London) on the desired outcomes of Army meetings:

The Salvation Army
5-fold Meeting Outcomes

-People saved from sin
-New Birth in Christ
-People moving from darkness to light; death to life
-Recommitment to Christ

-People filled with the Holy Spirit
-Baptized with fire
-Baptism of love

-People set free from besetting and compulsive sin
-Casting out of the demonic and unclean
-Breaking addiction
-Binding the strong man

-Physical healing
-Laying on of hands
-Anointing with oil
-Standing in proxy
-Emotional and spiritual healing

Calling to Ministry
-New vocation revealed
-Changing of lifetime plans and goals
-Anointing for spiritual leadership
-Missionary calling

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