Under the fence

We’re in a situation here on our front where we have no money (as in much less than zero in our accounts) and we’ve few people (as in soldier fighting force). You could, of course, help us with that by either sending some cash or moving yourself up here, getting a job in our city and moving in. However, prayer for us will do equally as well.

Here is what we have discerened our strategy is. We have a vision to plant small groups across our city…when I say small, I mean we only want two or three in each group. We will start a new group each time it gets to four (the simplest biblical form of ‘church’ is ‘2 or 3’). At some point, when there are enough groups (say 4 or 5) we’ll gather the people together and form a nucleus for a small outpost for public worship and ministry in some form or other. We have 4 areas identified for doing this…4 potential outposts, two that will start in embryo form next week.

Its called ‘Under the Fence Warfare.’ Why? Because we don’t have the resources to go into these communities all guns blazing. All we’ve got is air cover (prayer) and on the ground warriors. We’re not so much basing ourselves ‘Scottish Regiment of the British Army’ but more ‘French resistance’ (low key but strong effort behind enemy lines)

Pray for us as we start going ‘under the fence.’

3 thoughts on “Under the fence

  1. Loving God, you have promised to be with us as we journey. You helped those who have gone before us to establish ministries that served your people. In time of hardship, scarcity and joy, you were with them and blessed their efforts. We ask your blessing upon this new ministry so that what you now begin in us may prosper through your life-giving Spirit. May we always desire what you will. If it pleases you, may this ministry flourish and bring life to your people. This we ask of you, confident that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus will be granted. Amen.

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