…but He is still here!

I was leading chapel service in our local prison on Sunday morning. Before the service, the other guys from Prison Fellowship who attend worship were setting out the nativity scene. We discovered that someone had “borrowed” the baby Jesus from the set.

Deciding it would be a good opportunity to talk about Christmas without Jesus, I mentioned jokingly that the baby Jesus had been borrowed when a young prisoner piped up: “but He is still here so thats the main thing, isn’t it?”

Too right.


Talking about ‘the main thing’, how often do we need to reminded that Jesus is the main thing? How often do we need to be reminded that winning the lost to him is the main thing? Too often. If the message of Jesus is the main thing, it works itself out in mission, it shapes mission and ultimately the message we give.

If our frame of reference for mission is shaped by our expression of church, that affects how we do mission and ultimately what we say about Jesus. People often say that ever since God created man in his own image, man has been trying to return the favour. I’m as salvationist as the next, but we just gotta remember that the reason we are who we are is Jesus. How well do we reflect him in our missioning?

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