Pleasant Surprises

I was greatly encouraged by the post that dropped onto my mat this morning. Alove’s regular mailing included their new D:Pack, a nice shiny booklet highlighting discipleship in 2009 and beyond with some great, practical and earthed resources and strategies.

Alove, which has been around for a wee while now has, in my opinion, been struggling to get beyond ‘concept’ and ‘hype’ and so you’ll understand why I was encouraged to see something solid beginning to appear which will resource people at the grass roots level.

However, not just excited about that. I’m encouraged by the things that were promoted:

– cell groups. Face to face discipling is a much needed thing across the whole Salvation Army in the UKT, from children to old comrades. We need to get people gathering intentionally around Jesus to get to grips with the call of Jesus on our life.

– LTGs (Life Transfrormation Groups). These are smaller (leaderless) groups that encourage two or three people to get together, read scripture, pray for each other, and keep each other accountable. As a young Christian growing up in the Army I was desperate for this. Bring it on!

– social action projects…emphasising the need to reach out in practical ways with some ideas

– and finally, Soldiership being promoted as “Radical Discipleship: The Life of a Soldier” At lase, we are seeing Alove chosing to paint positive picture of soldiership. Here’s hoping more and more young people stop being deterred by poor pictures of soldiership around them and decide to do it real to show us all what it should really look like.

You can get a copy of the D:Pack from the Alove website (I think). Worth a read and certainly worth putting into action where you are.

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