Well Done Good and Faithful Soldier

An ‘Army Renewal’ and a very personal salute to Aux-Captain Muriel Sims who was promoted to Glory a few days ago. We had a few special adventures together, some sad times together, and a fair few ‘discussions.’

In retirment she laid foundations for the beginning of The Salvation Army in Romania and lived to see a young but very much growing Army taking shape there. She mentored, supported and fought valiantly in prayer with the early officers appointed there, especially Romania’s first ever Salvation Army officer, Captain Roxanna (pictured holding the flag). The picture is Muriel being given the ‘Others’ Award by Commissioner Barry Pobjie, then TC of the Eastern European Territory for her work. She was given the freedom of one of the cities of Romania and took tonnes and tonnes of aid to Romanian orphans in the 80s and 90s.

Muriel wasn’t always ‘easy’, but I saw parts of her life that maybe the vast majority who knew her didn’t get the opportunity to see and this leaves me with so very much to admire and aspire to.

God bless her family. God bless her Romanian legacy with great abundance. Thank God for Auxilliary-Captain Muriel Sims.

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