4 points

As you might know, we’re using the four points as a focus for our Easter outreach this year. Last week, we gave our wee cell group that meets in our place on a Sunday evening a band/bracelet thingy with the four symbols on. It was just a blessing tonight to hear of the stories of how the folks were able to share the gospel so simply and plainly with not just one or two people, but tens of people this week.

For the hard core evangelists out there, that might not seem very much. But what we’re talking about here are some quiet unassuming types who would have found it incredibly difficult otherwise. This is a great tool to empower people to share. I recommend it again to you.

One thought on “4 points

  1. yeah, picked it up after your last mention of it. Got my resources the other day – great stuff. Will use it in a future CtF i think. thanks for the headsup

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