All in a day’s work

Armybarmy blog carried a neat little section the other day on the Salvo work day. It attempts to split the day up into 9 x 2 hour segments, allowing for 6 hours sleep. It goes as follows:

1. work up – rations
2. work around – family
3. work out – food/exercise
4. work in – study
5. work into – disciple
6. work outside – evangelise
7. work through – communications/decision-making
8. work ahead – strategy/planning
9. work over – personal (errands/chores/relax)

We had a jolly good go at this and found it a bit unworkable when keeping to the letter of the law, so to speak. However, when keeping to the ‘spirit’ of the advice its a cracking framework for ministry.

Not sure how it works, necessarily, for the Salvo who’s working a nine hour day, but certainly for the likes of me its a good pattern.

It can be split into four helpful blocks for each day, which I’ve entitled ‘Share’, ‘Live’, ‘Grow’. In this, you have a loose framework which is flexible in line with how the day pans out and recognises that every day is different. In my plan, you get 7 hours sleep, which is closer to what we need based on the majority of medical advice. Here are the three headings and a rough guide as to how they might be broken down. There is still plenty of room for discipline here as well as giving flexibility for those who need it.

Sleep 7 hours

Share (7 Hours)
– 3 hours planning/strategy/communications/decision making.
– 2 hours discipling
– 2 hours evangelising

Live (6 Hours)
– 2 hours family
– 2 hours food/exercise
– 2 hours personal (errands, chores, relaxation)

Grow (4 Hours)
– 2 Hours Rations (bible/prayer)
– 2 Hours Study

In case you are wondering, I have ‘stolen’ the extra one hour sleep from planning/stragegy/comms/decision making…Stephen suggests 4 hours for all that. I actually think two hours a day of all this would be sufficient, but I guess that depends on your appointment. If thats the case, add it on to evangelism or prayer.

So yeah, give it a go. Lets see what we can achieve. By all means, give Stephens pattern a go first, it may work exactly for you. Or maybe if your the personality type that can’t cope with highly sheduled days this more flexible approach might suit you better.

The aim of this though, is effective Kingdom working. We do this stuff because we want to be effective in our service and increase our availability to the Lord.

Let me give a word of challenge, however, especially to any officer friends who may be reading – how balanced is your ministry? Are you creating time for the stuff that ‘really’ matters as opposed to what seems urgent?

If all this stuff is important, we will be willing to make the changes in our shedules to make sure it happens. May need a bit of working out, but its necessary, isn’t it?

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