Missional Salvationists

So, I’m trying to pull together people interested in doing a bit of online community learning which will hopefully help Salvationists to come together for online encouragement and teaching, encouragement in mission and service through their local corps.

The plan is fairly simple. I’m going to present some sort of short video talks on an aspect of Salvationist mission. I’ll be coming at it from a bit of a ‘primitive salvationist’ angle…the only angle I know well! There will also be some suggested reading for each segment. I’ll then prepare a list of questions to get us going and then we wade in on the discussion forum. We’ll lean on some SA101, 201, and 301 teaching plus whatever else seems relevant.

By primitive salvationist, I mean primitive as in ‘pertaining to the original; according to the initial pattern.” Primitive Salvationism has been defined as ‘charismatic-flavoured mission-focussed heroism.’ Ideally, the word ‘primitive’ shouldn’t have to be in there at all, and maybe it doesn’t, but I am sure I’m not the only one who believes that we need to capture again our reason d’etre.

I hope you’ll join in and find it helpful.

Rough list of topics: mission to the poor, ministry by the Holy Spirit, holiness, salvation, spiritual warfare, evangelism, social justice, mission shape, covenant, soldiership, community transformation etc

Search for teh group on Facebook.

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