Affirmations #5 Demonstrating the Kingdom

5. I believe that signs and wonders and prophetic and deliverance will play a big role in winning the world

Again, long time readers of armyrenewal will know that this is another common feature. As we look through the pages of scripture, the gospels and Acts etc, we see a very direct correlation between proclaiming the kingdom and demonstrating the Kingdom. Jesus very rarely proclaims the Kingdom or calls people to repentance without then demonstrating the Kingdom he is proclaiming or inviting people into.

All versions of the great commission, especially Mark’s version, leave us with no uncertainty that signs, wonders, prophecy, demon-kicking will be part of our ministry. Certainly in Salvation Army history and heritage, we’re not unfamiliar with this kind of thing. Five minutes digging in SA history will prove that…so lets not hear any silly cries of ‘its not Army.’ The SA gave birth the pentecostalism and the more modern charismatic renewal.

We experience in the Army an alarming lack of teaching on these sorts of things. It often doesn’t appear on our radar. However, this is partly because we’ve been low on discipleship in the last few decades. Things are changing though. Many salvationist are now much more spiritually aware.

Now, its not the case that we want to find a demon under every banana skin…but we will want to be aware of the enemy and his minions. We will want to fight until the very end for the freedom of every person both saved and yet-to-be-saved. It is for freedom that Jesus set us free, said Paul.

Demonstrating the Kingdom in its many forms is something that needs revisited.

Resources for that? Try SA101, SA201, SA301. Full of great stuff and available at armybarmy. SA101 available now in book form via Australian trade departments.

Other resources
‘Know you Spiritual Gifts’ by Mark Stibbe
‘Demoloshing Strongholds’ by David Devenish
‘Power Evangelism’ and ‘Power Healing’ by John Wimber
‘Come Holy Spirit’ by David Pitches
‘Prayer Ministry’ (DVD course from Holy Trinity Brompton – home of Alpha course) by Sandy Miller
‘Freedom in Christ’ course by Neil T Anderson and other books of his.

2 thoughts on “Affirmations #5 Demonstrating the Kingdom

  1. Another one of my main problems with Chrsitianity. ‘Signs and wonders’ have been proclaimed by many and proven by none. Major evangelists throughout the world have grown multi-million dollar empires based on the healing power that is supposedly manifested in their churches and crusades. Yet when you look for actual, medically verified proof of miracles, it just isn’t there. And in this day and age, from the millions that have been supposedly miraculously healed, it should be easy to find the proof. But it just isn’t there.

  2. Jack,I’d be the first to agree that in many cases there have been trumped up claims by trumped up evangelists and the like, especially from your side of the pond (I’m asuming you’re in America somewhere). And indeed, there have been people who have used the gospel for ill gain. It is indeed an abuse of the promise of God.I’m sorry that you have never experienced a humble, believing Christianity that seeks to minister in the power of the Spirit, not for its own glory, or for the glory of the person or the money of the church, but simply to show that there is a God of love, compassion and mercy who doesn’t want people to go to hell and wants all to come to him.The Holy Spirit is a live and moving amongst us. I pray that you will grow to experience him more and more.

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