Prayer for Scotland

A request, please, for prayer for all of those who are part of the church of Jesus here in Scotland. We all face testing time here in these days for the spiritual wellbeing of our nation and indeed the advancement of the gospel.

You may or may not be aware of the recent debate within the ‘national church’, the Church of Scotland. This evening, the Kirk, at their Annual General Assembly, voted to allow the appointment of a gay minister, currently in an open relatonship with another man, to a church in the city of Aberdeen.

I want to stand in solidarity with many good friends and colleagues in Aberdeen who view this to be a huge departure from the Scripture and who will undoubtedly be in very difficult situations at this time.

I believe, in line with what I understand to be The Salvation Army’s position, that those who would call themselves ‘homosexual’ should not necessarily be barred from ministry on those grounds, but providing that the indivuduals involved are committed to a celibate life (as any unmarried officer/minister would be), ministry can be fruitful and in line with the Word of God.

My heart goes out to my many friends in the Kirk, for those who may be considering their position, for whole churches who will be facing great difficulties because of this.

Not a good day for the church in Scotland.

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