Affirmations #9 Covenant

9. I believe that covenant is the only hope of avoiding the international fragmentation of The Army within 20 years.

Firstly, let me say that there is a load of good writing on covenant floating around…armybarmy and Journal of Aggressive Christianity in particular. So I’m not going to present a case here.

I’m simply going to testify that its God’s grace that has kept me in covenant with him as a soldier of The Salvation Army and as an officer. I fail at times, but God restores. He loves our turning towards him at every step.

On the international front, its certainly true to say that our common covenant is a glue and a strenghthener. Fragmentation is happening in so many places, not just internationally but internally in each Territory. Voices pulling all over the place.

When you actually look at the nature of our covenants, they’re all about Jesus, his purpose and our response. There is hardly anything about it that we shouldn’t embrace and there is diversity in unity too.

Covenant will halt fragmentation because it will call us back to our covenant making God and to ‘Jesus as Lord’ at the centre of it all. See, you simply can’t be a nominal salvationist if you take your covenant seriously! If its rejected, we’ll get all sorts of splinters.

Check out your soldiers/officers/junior soldier covenant today and by the grace of God seek to live it out.

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