On blogging

Well, I just managed to make my heart race like a high speed train. Having noticed tha armyrenewal blog’s 5th birthday had passed un-noticed by me, I decided to have a look back over the last 5 years.

What can I say? Well, its been a journey! What victories! What defeats! What joys! What heart rending disappointments! And then there has been the One who has been constant in it all, praise his Name. I thank him for the way he’s chipped away, moulded, melted and refilled. I’m better for it, for all of it, the positive and he negative. I look back and see things I’d do very differently…but then thats the blessing of hindsight.

This blog for me has always been about recording and reflecting on things at the heart of Salvationism, the regeneration and revigorisation (if thats a word) of it and sometimes even the proposed re-construction of it. Its also been, in part, a mission journal of things ventured, mountains climbed. It has been sensored, complained about, celebrated, quoted, read and maligned. Its been a crucial part of my reflective approach to ministry regardless of all that.

Meanwhile, as the blogs go up and the posts keep coming, I remind myself that behind it all is little me just desperate to be used by God and to see his Kingdom come, and me with all my imperfections and faults at that.

Its not a medium that I intend giving up very soon. I have thought about it once or twice. Certainly, there are some who wish that it wasn’t in existence. But I hope that in the writing it reflects one important thing…that is, that as we battle on in the salvation war, we battle as humans in need of His grace. We battle as people doing our best for the glorious Kingdom.

Thank you to those who have faithfully read, encouraged, disagreed, engaged and who offer your public and private words of support. You’ve no idea what it means. Thank you.

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