Apparently, here in the UKT we have a new set of values….or maybe its just that we’re trying to articulate the ones we’ve had for a while. Anyway….Xander Coleman is blogging on them over at his blog. You’ll want to check it out.

3 thoughts on “Values

  1. Yes, they are good. Those of us who are adopting a Cell model, however already display the following values in our hallsJesus at the centreEvery member in ministryEvery member growing spirituallyWe are an authentic Christian communityWe multiply through reaching the lostWe demonstrate the sacrificial love of God. One of the important things we have learned through doing cell, is that it is pointless changing a programme unless you address the underlying values that motivate the people running or participating in it. We have found that people will often say they have these values but the reality for some is that they actually work from another base or another priority. For example people say they want their Corps to grow but when it does they fight the changes that, that inevitably brings. As the saying goes, "We don't just value what we do, we actually do what we value." It is important then, not to assume that people have these values, they need to be re-inforced through the preaching ministry, through pastoral care and in small groups. I also feel for us that posting up another list of values which say similar things in a different way to what we have been banging on about for the last two years would be a bit confusing but I think its great that there is a focus on values. Sorry that was a longer reply that I meant it to be. God bless

  2. Yes, I agree with you Carol. Whilst I believe that the values the territory have published are good values, I have to admit that I felt that they meant nothing unless people actually valued the things contained.Also, when talking things like values, it is something a community has to come together to value…values can't be imposed. People have to take them to heart.Finally, with my most cynical hat on, the values do have a ring of 'institution' rather than 'movement' – but then I don't know if we could have expected much else. We live in hope!Praying for you all on a daily basis. much love,Andrew

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