I’ve been thinking deeply about mission and ministry over the last couple of days, a sort of personal assessment if you like. I remember in Bible College, my practical theology lecturer, Rev Dr Rory McKenzie used to say (maybe quoting someone) ‘the unreflective life is not worth living.’ It struck me as true at that time and always has. So easy to miss everything that goes on. And, like the Psalmist, I find that I often need a ‘Selah’.

Have you ever noticed that in the psalms? Its a one word term that doesn’t have a simple translation and it means something like ‘stop hear and think deeply of what has just gone before.’ Its a great practice to build into your life.

My Selah has actually been more than a few weeks. This whole first year in Torry has been a very intense listening year, not only for mission here, but as a whole. I still cannot make much sense of the uncharacteristic wavering that had come my way before arriving in Torry, but I’ve emerged stronger and more resolved. God has a way of doing these things, thankfully. I can certainly say its has led us here and to some ministry opportunities I’ve been desperate for. Of course, the day to day meeting people and developing what we have already hasn’t been a passive task, and things are taking good steps forward there.

I’d say that having regained some Holy Spirit confidence, not only in me and my calling, but in the Army and its mission, I’m much better off. I’m reminded though that we’re not always promised long in an appointment and that there is much pressing on to do. We are progressing well through Phase One of our vision here but we are not resting on that alone.

For Greater things are yet to come; greater things have yet to be done in this city!

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