Operation Christmas!

Yes, its that time again. Last year, with only having been in appointment here at Torry a few months, Christmas came too fast, and before we knew it, Christmas arrived. This year we’ve had a longer run at it.

We’re still a relatively small Salvo community here, but we’re going good guns. I just wanted to share a few things we’ve got going on really as a request for prayer for us over these next two weeks or so.

On Sunday 6th, we have our regular monthly celebration which includes the dedication to God of the daughter of one of our former Junior Soldiers, Sara. We’re delighted to be able to make a fuss of little Tearra on Sunday and look forward to sharing with all the family. We’d appreciate your prayers for that event, that the message of advent will shine through.

On Tuesday 8th, we have a family night at our usual Blast! kids drop-in. We’re inviting parents to hang around, play some games with the kids, get into some Christmas Karaoke and munch on a few Christmas pies or two! We’re hoping for a really fun evening and that parents will come and join us.

On Wednesday 16th, we have our community carol service with Peterhead SA band and Aberdeen Citadel Singing Company with contributions from children from the dancing classes which meet in our hall every week. Last years event was really fun, and we’re hoping for more of the same this year. Again, we’re praying for a good time and that we’ll be able to celebrate the Christmas message. We’ll also be inviting folks to come along to an Alpha course we’re starting in January, so thats key.

On Thursday 17th, I am speaking at and part-organising the carol service at HMP Aberdeen, where I’m on the chaplaincy team. We’re hoping that around 60 prisoners will join us as well as some staff and local guests. We’re again, praying for a clear message! We, again, are inviting the men to take up an Alpha course in January. Please pray for this, that men will feel led to respond to the invitation

On Saturday 19th, between 2pm and 5pm we are hoping to bless our community by offering free Christmas wrapping! We’re trying to do small things with great love to bless all that we can.

On top of all this, we are taking part in the carolling programme with Aberdeen Citadel band…the main times for that are each Thursday evening and each Saturday morning. And on top of that, the usual toys, christmas meals, christmas parcels and the like.

Desperate to show God’s love. Thanks for praying for us!!

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